About Us

About Us

We help people come out of disease by tuning their back to its natural state. The core of our program is Kumbhak Paddhati, which is one way of manipulating the human mechanics. This is a very powerful science in yoga which is most therapeutic in nature.

Our approach is inside out. For this we use Prana Shakti Diagnosis which serves as the road map to a solution for disease reversal and is the only one its kind in the whole world.

Our Story: From Personalities to Perspective

Rajeev Ranjan went through certain experiences in his life that are beyond the physical realm. Because of this, he attained capabilities to look with certain depth into things.

While he was looking for people who could can implement his vision Navneet Kapoor met him through a common friend and the interaction was not quite normal as Rajeev told Navneet bluntly that whatever he intends to do will not be successful.

The prediction proved to be correct and Navneet went and met him again asking for what he should do as he was not able to get an answer on his own. At this point of time Rajeev put forth a project and guided him to try it out. Since Navneet had been initiated into spirituality, he carried ideas which were completely in a different shade from his corporate experience and there was an inner conflict within him. He belonged to the advertising realm and big brand ideas. Rajeev helped him see everything with a unique unbiased perspective.

The opportunity of these two people sitting and brainstorming made the path clearer and clearer for the project they started. What started with corporate training took the form of alternate therapies and specifically Prana Shakti treatment. Today, as Third Eye, Rajeev and Navneet along with excited team of researchers are working towards creating a healthier and happier world.

Rajeev Ranjan
Chief Mentor

A yogi who has constantly experimented with the mechanics of life. He was a sports person throughout his childhood. While preparing for Ranji Trophy, he met with an accident which ruined his right eye and the lens was removed. He being completely focused on sports couldn’t accept this incident for 3 years and always wondered why it happened. This took him to a state where he started wondering what this life is all about.

This question became such a burning question that he almost sacrificed everything to find an answer. He went to many masters but was impatient to stay for long as he could find the tune he wanted. He became almost hopeless after 25 years of struggle. This hopeless state created a base for his first taste of the beyond and that changed his life completely.

Now the only purpose of his life is to expose more and more people to the law of life. The primary focus is on health with extensions to capability, harmony and the beyond called spirituality.

Exemplary Work

Invented Elemental Pattern Diagnosis and Prana Shakti Analysis
A breakthrough in preventive wellness which can do a predictive analysis of disease and behavioral pattern of individuals through which a perfect roadmap of lifestyle can be framed.

Working on the revival of:

Kumbhak Paddhati (therapeutic breathing), Samyukti Kala (art of Yoga), Vyana Kala (the precursor to martial arts, wrestling, dance), Yoga Upanishad. Inclusive economics parameters, sustainability index, correlation of consciousness and the direction of growth in current world etc.

Navneet Kapoor
CEO, Co-facilitator

With two decades in advertising, 2 years in teaching marketing at a B school and 5-6 years in doing business, Navneet always wondered why work was not being a source of happiness. During this he also created many chronic ailments for himself. A brush with yoga and initiation into a spiritual process revealed to him that work alone need not be a source of joy but happiness within is a great source of great work. In the process, Navneet also explored aspects of the nature of life, relationships, careers, well-being and diseases. A meeting with Rajeev, started bringing clarity into his life. As a consequence, Navneet found his reason to be and this amplified his desire to of use to the world at large.

Now Rajeev and Navneet lead a team of researchers at Third Eye who are excited by human mechanics and the mechanics of life. The team’s sole aim is to join hands with as many people as possible and guide them out of disease and unhappiness.
We believe that the world does not need more hospitals. The world needs to be full of healthier and happier people.

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