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Understanding Human System: I
December 13, 2019

Prana Shakti Diagnosis and Cure

The dynamic universe is a play of prana or the prana is the dynamic force of existence. A human being is a dynamic entity and death is the loss of dynamism. Therefore, we can say that life is a complex play of dynamic force or Prana Shakti.

All human systemic functioning is a factor of different prana shakti. One example would be that the whole umbrella of metabolism function under the influence of Samana Prana.

If there is any problem in metabolism then it can be traced to Samana Prana factor and vice-versa.

This gives us an insight into metabolism from the perspective of cure.

Now, out of these two aspects of metabolism and Samana Prana, only Samana can be handled directly through special means. You can’t touch metabolism directly.

Cure doesn’t mean management. Cure means eradication or correction of the responsible factor. For diabetes the cure would be the correction of Samana Prana.

If we can find out why the Samana Prana gets disturbed then a module comes in picture where we correct Samana along with the associated factors and this can handle or cure diabetes effectively.

How can the reasons for disturbance of Samana Prana be established, one might ask?

The tendencies of a human being give an insight into the status of Prana Shakti and the anomalies in the system. Like if the hunger is not balanced, then there is a problem in Samana and if the person is depressed then the Samana has got impacted by Udana Prana also.

Once we reach the right diagnosis, we can create a cure.

Prana Shakti Diagnosis is a very powerful tool towards creating a cure to chronic ailments and creating a situation of health in mankind.

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