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December 6, 2019

Understanding Human System: I

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Why do humans get into a disease or disorder? How do they fall into this trap? Who creates this trap? Is there a way out of chronic ailments like diabetes?

Here we will be talking about the reason why a chronic ailment happens and how we can come out of it. Majorly we will be talking about building capability in our system. We will also mention other forms of therapies possible and how much we can be benefitted.

Where are chronic ailments created?

The very first thing that we need to understand is that almost 70% of all the problems are chronic or generated from within. Also, the context of medical research has always been physicality. The tools of research have always been anatomical. These two aspects make us limited in the complete understanding of human life.

Life: An Integrated Process

To widen our perspective, let’s see life as an integrated result of physical and non-physical aspects. For example, the mind is not physical, the force of hunger, thirst, want of many things are not physical, although the end point of use can be physical.

Diabetes: An Elevated Perspective

Diabetes means the lack of insulin or high sugar in blood but both are just components of the larger umbrella of metabolism. This larger umbrella of metabolism further has a governing factor called Samana Vayu in Yoga. This Samana Vayu has a universal component in the ecosystem of life called governing Deva and which also has a precursor in the present universe. And this doesn’t stop here; it goes to have a component in the much larger scape of multiple existences.

Therefore, to treat even a small aspect of our body as exclusive is utter foolishness. Every factor is inclusive of its own components vertically and to multiple factors horizontally. Even this is a very simplistic explanation of what has a complex variance of different associated dimensions.

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