Reversing Diabetes: Cause to Cure

Coming out of diabetes is possible and very much in your hands.

Take the life-changing step to learn methods to come out of Diabetes.

Expected Outcome

  • Within 21 days, see a substantial result.
  • In 6 months to 1.5 years, you can completely come out of diabetes.
  • Just 30 min practice: Protect yourself all future Diabetes-related complications.

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What is causing your Diabetes?

Diabetes is generated within your system, by your own system. You just don’t know how. It does not come from outside.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by imbalances in your system. The imbalance in the metabolic process results in high sugar levels in the blood. One aspect of this is that the food you eat is not getting converted into energy completely or correctly and so results in high glucose levels. The good news is that these imbalances can always be corrected.

Managing Diabetes Vs Curing Diabetes

As you know, there is no known cure for Diabetes. Most people control or manage it with medicine supported by exercise, diet etc. Medicines have side effects and are no guarantee to further complications arising out of diabetic condition. Plus, managing diabetes also involve constant medical and lifestyle expenses.

One major reason for lack of cure is that there is no method to find out what exactly is causing diabetes. Sugar level test are only indicative or measure of the symptoms associated with diabetes. Just look around and see if any person suffering from diabetes and controlling it through medicines has not faced complication? You won’t find one. The only hope is to control it by empowering your own system and slowly come out of medicines and diabetes.

Prana Shakti Diagnosis: The first step towards cure

We have a unique diagnosis – Prana Shakti Diagnosis – to find out the anomaly in the metabolic disorder called diabetes. Once we know the root cause, we can help you learn methods to come out of diabetes.

How does the Prana Shakti Diagnosis Work:

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Which means the way your system is absorbing, using and giving out the life energies are out of balance. We call these life energies as Prana. The Prana Shakti Diagnosis finds out how your system is responding to Prana or life energies.

It is based on a few simple questions that help us understand your system. Submitting a recent passport type photograph helps in accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis is critical as every human system is unique. In our classes we use your diagnosis to help you correct your diabetes.

How do we help you come out of Diabetes?

  • We use Prana Shakti Diagnosis to determine the root cause of Diabetes.
  • We teach methods to come out of Diabetes by treatment through Prana Shakti Upchaar & Integrated Lifestyle Transformation Tools.
  • You can learn these in live online classes.
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What is Prana Shakti Upchar and Integrated Lifestyle Transformation Tools?

Primarily, these involve Kumbhak Breath methods. These are ancient, powerful yet very simple methods to practice. Integrated Lifestyle Transformation tools are modules based on training of body, mind, emotions and diet modifications, based on a person’s diagnosis.

Cost of the Program

1. Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root cause determination.

2. Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root cause determination.

3. 3 months support.

Expected Outcome

1. Within 21 days you can see substantial result.

2. In 6 months to 1.5 years you can completely come out of diabetes by customized Kumbhak and Integrated Lifestyle Modifications modules according to your body mechanics.

3. Just 30 min practice you can see big transformation within yourself.

Are the methods scientifically proven?

We use methods based on advanced branches of yoga like Kumbhak, Swar and Hata yoga. They have proven to be effective over thousands of years. Yoga itself is the only science that works for the betterment of the human system and the environment. We have used these methods to help people suffering from cancer, thyroid, diabetes, arthritis, heart ailments, kidney transplant cases. So far, we have helped one person at a time. Now we are reaching out to many people through online classes.

Does the treatment work for Type 1 Diabetes too?

Yes. It does. You have to mention the same in the diagnosis form.

What is Diabetes Help Group?

Diabetes Help Group is an initiative of Third Eye and is committed to eliminating diabetes from the face of the earth. Third Eye is an organization guided by a Yogi and Exponent of Human Mechanics- Rajeev Ranjan. The organization’s work is based on research on the human mechanics, particularly how chronic ailments happen.

We have committed ourselves to creating a disease-free and happy world. We invite you to come and join this Sankalp by first correcting yourself and then becoming a part of this mission.

For Assistance, Please Call +91 9811235951

For Assistance, Please Call +91 9811235951

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