Success Stories

“I was always troubled by my upset stomach and I got myself treated at many places but all in vein. I was amazed this therapy helped me the very first day. I am now completely cured and am able to work with a free mind.”

Anuj Wadhwa
Business Owner

​“I could not give 100% to my venture because of severe pain in my lumbar region. Physiotherapy was not helping. With the plan offered to me in the workshop, my swelling and back pain was gone in 2 days. Now I can focus fully on my venture.”

Kunal Relan
Startup Owner

“I am amazed that that simple breathing techniques combined with a few lifestyle changes raised my productivity manifold in just three days."

Lakshmana Dalmia
Writer, Producer & Director

"Our 90-minute workshop lasted for 3 hours because our team got engaged fully. Happy to share that our attrition rate has come down by 70%.”

Mohit Agarwal
Asian Adventures Director

“No task seems to be herculean to me anymore. With my daily practice my list of achievements is soaring much to my delight.”

Ms. Anna
CEO, Open Eyes Project, Spain

“With simple breathing exercises I am able to work joyfully and get more out of my team without stressing them”

Mr. Amit Gehlot
Director, Ambience Group

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